My Top 15 Elements for Successful Bible Study – Blue Letter Bible

As we grow in our walk with Christ, knowing God’s word (and seeking it with zeal) is one of the most important things we can do.  After all, he’s revealed himself to us in two primary ways: Through his Holy Spirit, which we received as a gift when we became Christians, and in his Word.

This post is the 8th of 15.  In each post, I’ll be examining my personal “Top 15″ things leading to successful bible study.  This series of posts can be filed under “Going Deeper.”  The next series, beginning on Monday, will be all about “Making It Happen.”

Click the link to view yesterday’s post on Across the Spectrum.

Going Deeper – The Blue Letter Bible.  If you’re doing a deeper bible study (as I did with Southeast Christian Church‘s Discipleship Curriculum – a 21-month lay leader’s traning program) the Blue Letter Bible can be invaluable.  I was referred to it (as with so many other useful materials) by one of my DC leaders, Chip Crush (by the way, Chip blogs at Biblical Glasses, which is a great read).  The BLB is a ridiculously feature-heavy site, but there are a few particularly notable features:
  • In-depth commentary resources on every passage from literally dozens of sources; audio, video and text.
  • Word studies taking you back to original definitions from Greek and Hebrew; with links to all the other places that word form has been used.  Incredibly useful in interpreting the author’s original context and meaning.
  • Fantastic thematic and topical links between different passages of scripture

Because the UI is complex and relatively challenging, I don’t use the BLB for simple lookups (Bible Gateway is much better for that), but when you’re going deep, the BLB is unparallelled.  If I was every researching a sermon, lesson plan or a book, it would absolutely be my starting point.

4 responses to “My Top 15 Elements for Successful Bible Study – Blue Letter Bible

  1. This is a gem of a series, Greg! You’re pointing me to several resources that I hadn’t heard of before, but that I’m confident will helpful as I deepen my own Biblical studies.

    And speaking of preparing sermons … might you be filling in at the Stone one of these upcoming Sundays?

  2. Bryan, thanks so much. It’s nice to know that these are adding value! I’ve really enjoyed putting the series together.

    I am laughing out loud about preaching at the Stone … their pastors are so amazing that they dont need to have any amateur hour folks like me! But I do enjoy writing and teaching, so who knows … maybe someday you WILL see me in a pulpit! 😉

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