Monthly Archives: March 2021

I’m Not Amazed

I was reading a prayer from Valley of Vision this morning and was particularly struck by its ending:

I thank Thee for showing me the vast difference between knowing things by reason, and knowing them by the spirit of faith. By reason I see a thing is so; by faith I know it as it is. I have seen thee by reason and have not been amazed, I have seen thee as thou art in thy Son and have been ravished to behold thee. I bless thee that I am thine in my Savior, Jesus.

from “Belonging to Jesus” in Valley of Vision, edited by Arthur Bennett, Banner of Truth Trust

Over the past several weeks I have been reading my bible daily, participating in my weekly men’s group and my weekly couples study and (virtually) attending church with my wife every Sunday. I have seen prayers answered and unearned blessings granted to me, to my family and to my friends. Even so, “I have seen thee by reason and have not been amazed.” How is that possible?

I desire to “See Thee as Thou art in thy Son” and to be “ravished to behold Thee.” I honestly don’t know what’s holding me back from seeing by faith and knowing things as they are as opposed to simply seeing that things are so based on my own reasoning. That is my prayer for myself today: That the Holy Spirit would show me what’s impeding me – remove the scales from my eyes! – and let me be ravished to behold the father.